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PASS|APP empowers people with a digital identity that revolutionizes how they access and experience the physical world surrounding them.
Brilliant Working Environments start with smart mobile access!
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Who Can We Serve?

Small Offices

Enjoy a world-class yet affordable touch-less mobile access control solution that’s easy to use, easy to manage, and improves your employee's and visitors' experience while elevating security measures.

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Do you already have a mobile app for your organization? Whether you have one or planning to develop your branded mobile app we got you covered! With our SDK it’s easy to get the benefits of Pass|Workplace on your own mobile app.


How does It work?



Customized ID Design

allows admin to be more organized by creating customized templates with specific rules and themes for each department.

Temporary Employee ID

Contractors, guests, and seasonal workers can receive a temporary digital Pass that can expire automatically, and it’ll be easily revoked or renewed.

Mobile Notification

Communicate and send important messages to your Employees and Visitors.

Visitor Invitations

Allow employees to send an invitation to their visitors and contactors.

What Admins Can Do?


Unlimited insight for employees, visitors and contractors

Share Business Card

Allow employees to share Digital Business Cards with contractors and vendors.


Get Attendance Report for Your Employee with unlimited filtration reports

Payroll Card

Admin can transfer salaries or bonus to employees on their wallets to pay for services or cash-out to their bank accounts.

Made for any Gate, anywhere

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In a Meeting
Meeting Rooms

A pass is a digital key on a mobile wallet that is used to access certain gates/doors. For individuals such as ( Home, office, Building, Garage, Parking lot ) A pass is a digital key on a mobile application.

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