Join us at our “Power Infrastructure Day” to discuss how to enable Egypt in unlocking the full potential of its infrastructure for environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.


Let’s find out what makes our new cities and buildings smarter, more energy-efficient and more reliable? What do local energy-intensive industries need to stay competitive?


From intelligent grid control and electrification to smart distribution solutions; from energy automation and control systems to switches, valves and sensors, we are continuously working together with customers and partners in Egypt to create an infrastructure to support the country’s sustainable development and economic growth.


With a broad range of competencies for utilities, new urban communities, developers, consultants, transmission system operators and the manufacturing industry, we help to find your optimized mix of conventional and renewable energy sources with efficient generation, further electrification, intelligent power grids, adaptive storage systems, innovative resilience and agile demand and supply shaping.


So, let’s come together to make a difference for the future of Infrastructure in Egypt!