The mobile application (available for Android and Apple phones) stores the passes that can be used for access, identity verification, or payment, this allows replacement of traditional keys, key cards (magnetic or plastic), cash, club membership cards and all forms of paper tickets, removing expenses needed for material, printing and distribution.



The wallet offers many features that provide users with control and convenience

Digital Keys


Passes can be sent from

the wallet to other users

Push Notification

Users can send notifications to users on their wallets using the cloud dashboard

Capture ID

Capture your National ID with face matching


A pass may be transferred to other contacts through the App using the transfer button


Readers can be configured using the mobile app

Passes on mobile replace keys and tickets

A pass is a digital key on a mobile wallet that is used to access certain gates/doors. For individuals such as ( Home, office, Building, Garage, Parking lot ) A pass is a digital key on a mobile

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