The mobile application stores the passes that can be used for access, identity verification, or payment. This offers the replacement of traditional keys, key cards (magnetic or plastic), cash, club membership cards and all forms of paper tickets.

PASS X Mobile Application is available on Android and iOS.



The wallet offers many features that provide users with control and convenience

Digital Keys

Passes on the mobile replaces keys and tickets


Passes can be sent from

the wallet to other users

Push Notification

Users can send notifications to others on their wallets using the cloud dashboard

Capture ID

Capture your Government IDs with face matching to verify.


Passes and credit can be shared to other contacts through the Mobile App


Readers can be configured using the mobile app

3-in-1 Wallet


An easier way to interact with people around without the need for your wallet.

Contact Tracing

Keep track of whom you met lately to stay safe and fight COVID-19

Our bluetooth technology helps you keep your social distance by showing you the last physical seen between you and any of your friends and family. 

Transferring credit can be done easily between peers as you can receive and send money to anyone around you.

Cashless Payments

Share Identities

You can now share your business cards, government IDs, passport and others through your device with people nearby.

Share Access

You can send invitations to your friends, family and colleagues to access your reader at your home or workplace.


  • Scan and Validate your Card/Ticket

  • Seemlessly Check-ins

  • Scan & Pass

  • Use for Event, Boarding, Corporate

A pass is a digital key on a mobile wallet that is used to access certain gates/doors. For individuals such as ( Home, office, Building, Garage, Parking lot ) A pass is a digital key on a mobile application.

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