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Mobile SDK

Alternatively, you may fully integrate our access technology into your own software—with our Management API and Mobile SDK. Bake the entire unlocking experience into your existing mobile app, so customers can manage and operate all digital locks right away. It’s the ideal way to maintain brand uniformity and a consistent user experience.  



Use our Management API to integrate our access features into your software in a fast and cost-efficient way. This will empower your customers to issue digital keys directly via your services—while using the existing PASSAPP app to register, update and pass on different PASS Solution .  

Laptop Work

White Label

can be a specific application built by a provider that is rebranded and resold by multiple resellers.  

Custom Integration

Our highly scalable cloud infrastructure is hosted in Amazon data Center Or Private Data centers with high security standards. We are continually implementing state-of-the-art protection measures against attacks and have monitoring for early detection of problems in place.