PASS|ID helps you transform your home or compound into a smart control system

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Easy Access

PASS|Wallet is your key to locked doors and gates.

One Master Pass is all what is needed to unlock you home or residential compounds.


Your Mobile is your invitation ticket to visit your friends and families house.

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Automated Access Control

Auto Unlock

The Pass automatically appears on the widget screen on the app as the user approach an access point.

Widget Screen

The App stays alive in the background of the mobile device and automatically triggers on proximity from the access point while the screen is switched off .

Knock - Knock

A hand motion gesture similar to a user knocking on a door that automatically triggers the Pass for the active access point.

Bullet Proof Security

PASS | Wallet is secured with Pass|Protocol that utilizes the latest identity-based encryption (IBE) technologies to prevent identity theft.

All passes are secured with encryption and digital signatures to prevent data leakage.

Self Governed Wallet

PASS|WALLET is GDPR (EU General Data Production Regulation) complaints as your private information securely stored on your mobile phone and is never shared on any server including ours.


Only you decide what information to share with service providers. Pass|Wallet is designed to give you full control over your data.

Share Access

PASS|Wallet allows you to share access passes with family members, tenants, and visitors.


PASS|Wallet gives you full control when sharing a pass. You can decide the number of times it can be used, the time interval to be used within, the expiry date and the access points it is allowed to pass through.

Dynamic QR Code Validation

PASS|Wallet allows you to validate and verify visitors as they arrive at your premises. It has a reliable QR Code scanner that checks the validity of each Pass Holders arrives.


Thefts are circumvented since our QR Codes are dynamically changed every few seconds and digitally signed with pass certificates.