Administrating interface to design, create, issue and deliver passes to users wallets and manage access logs.


Factor Authentication

No more passwords are needed to log in.

Simply log in with your dynamic QR code using our mobile wallet.


PASS Designer

Whether you're an enterprise, a small or medium-size business, you can engage your customers, employees and visitors by sending passes with your organizations' logo and attractive cover. There is no limit on the number of pass designs you can create and store on Pass|Cloud.



1-Design pass templates.

2- Import users wallet addresses.

3- Deliver to Pass|Wallet.

Project Management


For businesses desiring fine-grained control over separate premises.

Pass|Cloud allows grouping of users, templates, and access points into projects.


Moreover, the project owner can invite different users with admin role to manage and control their access privileges.

Project Profile

Businesses, individuals and developers can easily control their reader's information through PASS|Cloud