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A new experience of being in a guest session using random names and profile pictures without the hassle of logging in and adding personal information before getting into the features of the application.

Handshake Interaction

A real-world feature available when you meet your friends or colleagues, you can shake hands with them without having to create an account or fill-in detailed forms.

Creating Blue ID

After having a Guest Session and being able to handshake friends and share business card, the user has to create a Blue ID supported by the Blockchain with BLE to pursue with the other features associated with the physical world as transferring and receiving credit, accepting and sending invitations, accessing different places and other..

Adding business or social cards can be done through the guest session and this information will be stored locally on the users device, not on the server.

The easiest creation of Personal Cards

Requesting and transferring money is now fast, easy and with zero commission fees. Cashing in and out with Credit/debit cards couldn't get any more significant with 

Private and secure transactions

Adding Credit

Cashing in and charging your credit can be through either Fawry or Credit Card

A pass is a digital key on a mobile wallet that is used to access certain gates/doors. For individuals such as ( Home, office, Building, Garage, Parking lot ) A pass is a digital key on a mobile

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