Join us at our “Power Infrastructure Day” to discuss how to enable Egypt in unlocking the full potential of its infrastructure for environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. 

Find out what makes our new cities and buildings smarter, more energy-efficient and more reliable? What do local energy-intensive industries need to stay competitive?

From intelligent grid control and electrification to smart distribution solutions; from energy automation and control systems to switches, valves and sensors, we are continuously working together with customers and partners in Egypt to create an infrastructure to support the country’s sustainable development and economic growth.

With a broad range of competencies for utilities, new urban communities, developers, consultants, transmission system operators and the manufacturing industry, we help to find your optimized mix of conventional and renewable energy sources with efficient generation, further electrification, intelligent power grids, adaptive storage systems, innovative resilience and agile demand and supply shaping.

So, let’s come together to make a difference for the future of Infrastructure in Egypt! 

Digital Grid Session

Flawless operation of the entire grid in our increasingly distributed energy landscape is the basic prerequisite for any network operator, electricity supplier, and industrial enterprise today.

In this session, you will get the information you need about the latest solutions and technologies in grid control to ensure reliable power supply as well as efficient grid operations, while reaping the benefits of the digital age.


Transmission Business Session

Having a strategic partner who understands your needs and knows your business!
For decades, Siemens has been working closely with all major EPCs worldwide in many successful projects in the energy market. In this session, you will learn more about Siemens as a strategic partner for EPCs and how you can benefit from our experience of handling complex projects.As the transmission products play a vital role in the energy value chain, we will be also discussing all key products including power transformers as well as gas-insulated and air-insulated switchgear and components. You will learn how our products can offer you low life cycle costs with maximal availability, highest efficiency and short commissioning times. 

Distributed Energy Solutions Session  

Achieving agility in the distributed energy era through a holistic and flexible approach!


Industries, commercial areas, large buildings, municipalities, and residential communities are facing three main challenges: costs, security of supply and CO₂ reduction. With the help of local distributed energy solutions, it’s possible to turn these challenges into long-term calculable variables – across all businesses and industrial sectors. In this session, we will be discussing our tailored solutions that can include targeted use of renewable energy, combined heating and power stations, or provision of storage solutions.

Energy Services for power transmission and distribution Session  

Turning data into better performance!

Energy is one of today’s most important commodities. To ensure its availability and to avoid power cuts and reduce operation and maintenance costs, operators need their assets’ performance to be transparent. How can you turn data into new business opportunities, smarter, more reliable and efficient grids, and high-performing energy systems? During this session, we will demonstrate how our digital service experts can provide you with data-driven, customized services that help you efficiently manage your operations and maintenance activities and make accurate and confident decisions. You will learn more about our smart combination of product and process expertise and data analytics. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM



Thursday, September 19, 2019

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 


Hilton Heliopolis, Uruba Street, Heliopolis, Cairo 

09:00  Arrival and exhibition area tour and networking  

10:05  Keynote speech

10:15  Panel discussion: “Resilient power infrastructure for Egypt’s sustainable development”  

11:15  Q&A for panel session  

10:15  Coffee Break and exhibition area tour  

12:30  First Round of Break-out sessions  

13:30  Second Round of Break-out sessions  

14:30  Lunch and departure